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MBA Annual 2019

Big Tech in a Tiny Home

You may already know that Class Valuation will be attending MBA Annual this year, but you might not know that we’re unveiling our new valuation solutions in a not-so-Texas-sized home in the exhibit hall!

Lightning-fast turn-times Clear, consistent data Focused on innovation

By partnering with the GSEs and other industry stakeholders, Class Valuation's tech is capable of delivering a unique Property Fingerprint to provide more granular and in-depth data than ever before. We’ll be debuting this tech at MBA Annual for a hands-on look at how it will streamline the appraisal process and expedite turn times.

These valuation modernization efforts ultimately enable:

  • Innovation: Testing emerging technologies
  • Speed: Appraisers can complete more appraisals with greater accuracy
  • Granularity: More relevant data collection
  • Transparency: Greater insight and data into entire appraisal process
  • Credibility: Reduce confirmation bias and improve appraiser independence
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