Class Valuation will be hosting/moderating Quarterly Webinars for our Lender Partners. Each webinar will be joined by 2-4 panelists who are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on webinar discussion topics. SMEs may include: Class team members, Leaders in the lending community, Leaders in the broker community, Appraisers and GSE personnel.

Our webinars will go over topics lik Data + WaiverReconsideration of Value ( ROV), Technology in the Real Estate Market, etc.



Past Webinars:

August 22 | 12PM - 1PM EST - Episode 2: Class Valuation Leaders in Lending Webinar Series: Inspection-based waiver supported by Class Valuation’s Property Fingerprint Report

Tune in to discuss topics such as:

  • Appraisal Modernization Pilot
  • Inspection-based waiver supported by Class Valuation’s Property Fingerprint Report
  • Expanding Valuation Scope
  • Aligning valuation product with risk and complexity

We’ll be joined by leaders of the lending community such as:

  • Matt Albino - National Sales Manager, Class Valuation
  • Justin Alexander- Director of Collateral Strategy, Fannie Mae
  • Eric Armstrong - VP, Operations Control, Mr. Cooper
  • Emmett Myatt - VP Process Re-engineering Loan Ops, Mr. Cooper
  • Scot Rose - Chief Innovation Officer, Class Valuation

Join our round table discussion educating lenders on new data standards related to current and upcoming products.


July 18 | 3PM EST - Episode 1: Class Valuation Leaders in Lending Webinar Series: Get to know ACE+ PDR

  • The landscape of the valuation industry continues to evolve. Join us as we speak with Scott Reuter of Freddie Mac, about their new ACE+ PDR program 
    (automated collateral evaluation + property data report) 

    Effective July 17, 2022, Freddie Mac’s Loan Product Advisor, will transition from offering automated collateral evaluation (ACE) appraisal waivers to offering ACE+ PDR (property data report) for cash-out refinance and certain “no cash-out" refinance loans. This change will allow lenders and borrowers to continue to benefit from originating loans without an appraisal while mitigating risks and ensuring Freddie Mac purchases loans secured by properties in acceptable condition.

    Get the insights you need and have your questions answered by a Freddie Mac expert. Plus, hear from Kevin Peranio "KP", Chief Lending Officer at PRMG, and other leaders from around the mortgage industry who will be joining us during the live discussion!